Analytica94, Inc.

A Main Street search for effective regulation


Analytica94©, Inc. (“A94”) is a newly formed non-profit organization focused on the economic regulation of U.S. industries – primarily, but not limited to, the public utility, transportation and telecommunications industries.  A94’s sole purpose is to conduct research, develop economic models and provide the training necessary for Main Street individuals and organizations to evaluate the effectiveness of regulation. 

Hearings, legislation and expert witnesses drive most policy decisions in these fields. The stakeholders are: (1) the regulated Industries, and (2) Main Street citizens, small businesses and the regulators responsible for protecting their interests.  While the Industries have an unlimited supply of cash to its research, development and training, Main Street does not have unlimited cash for these purposes; hence, Main Street experts are constrained relative to the Industries’ experts.  A94 provides a mechanism and vehicle to subsidize the research, development and training required to respond effectively by spreading the costs over a broader base.


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