History and Background

Snavely King Majoros & Associates, Inc. ("Snavely King") was founded in 1970 to conduct research on a consulting basis into the rates, revenues, costs and economic performance of regulated firms in the transportation and public utility industries. The firm has since expanded the scope of its activities to address the problems of unregulated firms and entities in these and other industries. The firm currently has a professional staff of 12 economists, accountants, engineers and cost analysts.

Snavely King assists clients by providing regulatory and litigation support and by offering management consulting services.

Regulation and Litigation Support
The firm's regulation and litigation support activities involve the development, preparation and presentation of expert witness testimony before courts and regulatory agencies. Over the course of its 30 year history, members of the firm have participated in over 1000 proceedings before almost all of the state commissions and all Federal commissions that regulate the utility and transportation industries. The firm has provided litigation support in the form of expert witness testimony and economic research in antitrust, tax, valuation and fraud litigation before Federal and state courts.

Management Consulting
In the area of management consulting, Snavely King assists both government and private clients in evaluating contract performance and performing management audits on behalf of government and private clients.