Capability Statement

Capabilities Summary

Snavely King Majoros & Associates, Inc. has operated for over 40 years in the regulatory economic and management consulting industry primarily providing expert witness testimony in proceedings before state and federal administrative agencies. This market defines value/quality of service as (1) strong quantitative/qualitative analysis skills, (2) strong written and verbal communication skills, (3) low error rates, and (4) timely completion of assigned project tasks.


Typical Services:

SKM provides a full range of economic and management consulting services:

  • Expert Witness Services
  • Revenue Requirement Analysis
  • Cost of Capital
  • Cost of Service
  • Depreciation
  • Rate Design
  • Service Reliability Analysis
  • GAAP and Regulatory Accounting Analysis
  • Economic Models or Methods including, but not limited to: conceptual, mathematical, heuristic, econometric, macro economic, micro economic, computable general equilibrium, partial equilibrium, Monte Carlo simulations, optimization, multi objective, and other research techniques.
  • Financial Assurance Analysis
  • Regulatory Economics
  • Litigation Support
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Fully-distributed Cost Studies
  • Long-run Incremental Cost Studies
  • Asset Management Analysis
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Process Mapping
  • Logistics Process Flow
  • Regulatory and Management Audits
  • Statistical Analyses in support of: economic, engineering, environmental modeling and assessment
  • Statistical Analyses on large data bases: designing sampling procedures, screening data and applying descriptive and inferential statistical analyses, including parametric and non parametric tests, regression, correlation, and times series analysis, and other multivariate methods.