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Civil Litigation

Snavely King provides management and economic support services in all phases of civil litigation. Principals and senior consultants work with the client's counsel in planning litigation strategies, developing and submitting direct expert testimony, analyzing adversary testimony, and preparing and assisting counsel in deposition and cross-examination. In particularly complex litigation, Snavely King personnel have provided overall project coordination to ensure that testimony submitted by each technical expert is consistent with the testimony of others and fully addresses the issues identified by counsel.

Some specific services offered by Snavely King include:

    Review and analysis of documents;
    Preparation of document requests and interrogatories;
    Assessment of economic evidence prepared by adversaries;
    Expert testimony and supporting studies that address:
        cost of service,
        price setting,
        revenue requirements and return on investment,
        market definition, impact, and potential for growth, and
        competitive characteristics of markets;

    Analysis of relevant regulatory policies and procedures;
    Analysis and quantification of damages; and
    Assistance in deposition and cross-examination preparation.

These services are typically rendered in proceedings concerned with bankruptcy, corporate reorganization, antitrust litigation, and accidental liability cases.
Snavely King Experience

Snavely King personnel provided litigation services to railroad clients in cases arising from the major rail bankruptcies of the 1960s and 1970s. Snavely King has also been extensively involved in most of the major rail-related antitrust cases brought since passage of the Staggers Rail Act of 1980, including Western Fuels v. Burlington Northern, Texas Utilities v. Santa Fe Industries, ETSI v. Burlington Northern et al., Pinney Dock et al. v. Penn Central et al. and Grand Trunk Western v. Conrail.

In maritime matters, Snavely King recently participated in the bankruptcy proceedings of a West-Coast tug and barge company. On behalf of an unsecured creditor and a group of other West-Coast tug and barge companies, Snavely King provided market projections, analyses of the financial performance of the debtors and other companies, and an assessment of the feasibility of the debtor's plan for reorganization.

Snavely King also has participated in antitrust cases involving both electric and telecommunications utilities. In addition, the firm has assisted clients in a number of appellate proceedings challenging decisions by the Federal Communications Commission and state utility commissions as well as in successful applications for long-distance telecommunications authority and negotiated settlements of litigation.