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Regulatory Economics

Snavely King offers recognized expertise and long-standing experience in all areas of regulatory economics, particularly with respect to the telecommunications, transportation, and public utilities industries. Since its founding in 1970, the principals and senior staff of the firm have been responsible for developing methodologies and underlying economic theories now widely relied upon in analyzing rates, costs, rates of return, revenue requirements, market definition, market impact, and potential for market growth.

Snavely King works closely with client staff and counsel to develop economic analyses and supporting studies that are optimally supportive of the client's interests and consistent with current regulatory policy and legal doctrine. The results of the firm's analyses and studies are often presented as expert testimony in proceedings before state and federal regulatory agencies.

When engaged to participate in a regulatory proceeding, Snavely King can provide a full range of consulting services, including:

    Review of initial filings and definition of relevant economic and policy issues;
    Preparation of expert testimony and supporting studies; and
    Assistance to counsel in preparing information requests and questions for cross-examination and in analyzing the impact of final decisions and orders.

Snavely King Experience

Snavely King's Telecommunications and Utilities Group has supported applicants, intervenors, and regulators in several hundred rate cases involving telecommunications, electric, gas, water, and sewer services. Expert witness testimony has been presented on rate base, rate of return, depreciation methodology, revenue requirements, rate design, cost separations and allocations, and capital recovery before the principal regulatory agencies of the United States and Canada and before regulatory commissions in over 40 states.

Since 1986, Snavely King’s Telecommunications Group has been the contracted by the General Services Administration to provide assistance in its Rate Intervention Program (RIP). As part of this work, Snavely King has participated on behalf of the GSA in proceedings in over 40 states and the Federal Communications Commission. Snavely King has actively assisted in the preparation of numerous testimonies, briefs and comments in these proceedings.

Snavely King's Transportation Group has long-standing involvement in rail, motor carrier, water carrier, and pipeline rate and revenue division proceedings. The firm has represented many of the major Class I U.S. railroads, including Burlington Northern, Norfolk Southern, Kansas City Southern, CSX, Conrail, and the Union Pacific in rate reasonableness litigation.